About Big Start

about-img Big Start was started by Dave Bascom (Twitter, Linkedin). Since 1998, Dave has been marketing for startups. After graduating from Brigham Young University in Marketing Communications, he worked in several marketing manager positions, with a heavy emphasis in online marketing. After a few mildly successful partnerships, Dave began his own startup, Web Targeted, which eventually became SEO.com. SEO.com is now one of the largest and well-respected SEO-focused agencies on the planet. Dave left SEO.com in 2010 to start a new division of KSL.com – a local business directory called KSL Local. Then in September, 2011, Dave launched Big Start with the goal of helping small startups get a Big Start.

Who Do We Work With?

Big Start is all about marketing for startups. We know what it’s like to have dreams that are a lot bigger than your marketing budget. We know how to do all the basic marketing and public relations stuff that startups need, but we can also come up with creative marketing campaigns that will set your brand apart. We understand where you’re coming from and we speak your language.

We also work with innovative, established businesses with a startup mentality. But we don’t work with big, stodgy corporations. We only work with the up-and-comers, the underdogs–the guys with a great idea and a compelling story to tell.

We would love to learn more about how you’re going to change the world with your startup. Let us add some rocket fuel to your ideas so they can really take flight.

Contact us today to get the ball rolling.